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Craypot Kitchen & Bar Kaikoura | Restaurant & Bar

About Us

Kia Ora Everyone

As you know The Craypot Café & Bar has been a long running institution in Kaikoura and held many owners.

We, Marie & John Rouse and our 3 boys and then their families were here back in 1990s until 2004. Kaikoura has always held a special place in our hearts and times we all remember fondly. Many long time friends were made for all of us, and some are still in touch either in person or by Facebook and other social media outlets (for the young ones).

After being over in the Gold Coast for 12 years, which we loved, it never quite felt like home and Kaikoura was always a place we talked about. When the business went on the market we decided it was time to invest in Kaikoura once again.


A Fresh Approach

Our passion was to give The Craypot Café & Bar a new life. We have totally revamped, pulled walls out, put walls in, new kitchen, painting, carpets & new signage which says we are now The Craypot Kitchen & Bar. Boasting a casual friendly vibe we hope this gives a relaxing atmosphere, serving local craft beers and a menu developed with fresh new seasonal flavours and quality produce, served by staff drawn from the local area.

We not only took on the task of renovating the Craypot restaurant & bar but decided that the vacant section in Kaikoura since 2000s needed a new identity so put a new building on it. This now houses Chiwis Café. Next came a tenant for the building between Craypot & Chiwis and we are happy that Andrew from The Sushi shop took up that tenancy. This now makes this end of town a diverse set of businesses and encourages people to frequent all of them.

Our projection and belief is that Kaikoura has huge growth coming , and in time will be once again the powerhouse it was. We are extremely privileged to be a part of that growth. For Local Hospitality & Great Service...please come gather at our table, sit long, talk much and laugh often.

Craypot Kitchen & Bar Kaikoura | Restaurant & Bar
The Craypot Kitchen & Bar Kaikoura
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